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Katherine Duffin Austin
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Tel:  (604) 263-3871
E-mail: kdaustin@nasw.org
Web: www.kdaustin.com
(U.S./Canadian citizen)


University of Washington
Seattle, WA
Dept. of Pathology (1991)
Field: Molecular genetics of cancer

Harvard University
Cambridge, MA
Dept. of Biochemistry/Molecular Biology (1978)


Freelance medical writer
International Journal of Cancer
: Writing brief "front of book" summaries of clinical research papers for each issue.

Freelance correspondent 
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
Duties: Writing news articles for a researcher audience

Corporate blog writer
Kinematik Inc.  

Duties: Writing weekly blog posts and white papers on FDA regulatory issues, for a company that designs electronic lab                     notebooks and other document-management software. 
Freelance medical/biotech writer
Clarity Consultants  (2010-present)
: Writing white papers, research manuscripts, slide decks, literature reviews, etc. for physicians and biotech                          companies.

Member, Advisors Panel
Guidepoint Global (2005-present)
: Advising investment analysts on the scientific background, technologies, and research activities of individual                         biotech companies and analyzing their competition.  

Member, Council of Health Care Advisors
GLG Research
Duties: Advising investment analysts on the scientific background, technologies, and research activities of individual                        biotech companies and analyzing their competition. (1999-present)


Senior Scientific Writer 
Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp.  (Burnaby, B.C.
)  (2010-2011) 
-Writing and editing of scientific and technical documents, based on communications with investigators and staff
    -Assisted with writing and project management of grant proposals, research initiatives, marketing documents, etc.
    -Substantive editing of all written documents
    -Conducted in-depth literature searches of scientific publications

Managing Editor
CKD: Chronic Kidney Disease
Torre Lazur Healthcare Group for Amgen
Duties: Overseeing all aspects of publication, including soliciting editorials and articles from thought leaders, coordinating             content for each issue, writing a “test your clinical knowledge” column, conducting interviews, fact checking, and             editing all materials in time for monthly publication deadline. (2001)

Clinical Immunology Spectrum (CIS)
Clinical Immunology Society   (1992-1994)
Duties: CIS was an interview-based, in-depth, monthly review of current research in immunology, cell biology, cancer,                    AIDS, public policy, and other topics. I selected relevant topics, presented them to the Editorial Board, interviewed             thought leaders, and wrote feature articles plus shorter news articles on the latest developments in all areas of                immunology. 

Freelance Correspondent
Oncology News International  (1994-2010)
Duties: Covering clinical and scientific meetings worldwide, for a physician and researcher audience.

Freelance Writer
Howard Hughes Medical Institute  (2000)
: Writing profiles of HHMI scientists and education programs.

Freelance medical writer
Baxter Healthcare  (2010)
Duties: Writing summaries and overviews of current literature in oncology and parenteral

Freelance Writer
GeneLetter , Gene Sage.org (2000-2004)
Duties: Writing online news stories on genetics research for a general audience

Freelance Writer
BioMedNet Magazine   (1999-2004)
: Writing daily news and feature articles on medicine, biotech, and pharmaceutical research, for online biology news site             from Elsevier.

Consulting Analyst
The Cleantech Report, Lux Research, Inc.   (2009)
Duties: Wrote book-length report providing background and overview of all sectors of cleantech.

Consulting Analyst
Frost & Sullivan (1996-2009)
Duties: Researching, writing, and editing numerous book-length reports, market analysis, and press releases on                                pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Freelance Medical Writer
HealthVizion Communications (Now McCann Torre Lazur)
Duties: Writing and ghostwriting journal articles, CME, physician profiles, and other medical communications.

Freelance Medical Writer
Churchill Communications North America, Inc. (Now Quadrant HealthCom Inc)   (1994-2002)
Duties: Ghostwriting journal articles; CME; writing primers and reviews for patients and pharmaceutical sales staff; etc.

Consulting Analyst
Decision Resources, Inc.
Duties: Writing and analysis of current developments in biotechnology for major pharmaceutical companies. 

Copy Editor
WB Saunders Co. (Now part of Elsevier
Duties: Editing articles for medical and scientific journals

United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR)
Duties: Worked with committee chair to write extensive report on the hereditary effects of ionizing radiation

Research Associate
Dept. of Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia 
Duties: In addition to conducting clinical research, also wrote grant applications, ghostwrote book chapters and journal                   articles for faculty, edited articles and several books for faculty, and supervised medical students in clinical                       research projects


Review Articles:

Austin KD and Hall JG: “Hereditary Effects of Ionizing Radiation”. United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR). UN DocumentA/AC.82/R.534, Annex G, pp729-782, Forty-second session, May 1993, Vienna. ) 

Austin, KD: “Nontraditional inheritance and congenital anomalies”. Seminars in Perinatology, 16(6):374-384, 1992.

Austin KD and Hall JG: “Nontraditional inheritance”. Pediatric Clinics of North America, 39(2):335-348, 1992.

Ghostwritten and “Physician-Authored” Articles:

“Update on the role of epoetin alfa in hematologic malignancies and myelodysplastic syndromes.” Semin Oncol Jun;25(3 Suppl 7):12-8 1998

Prediction of response to optimize outcome of treatment with erythropoietin.” Semin Oncol Jun;25(3 Suppl 7):27-34 1998

“Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor (GM-CSF): New Prospects.” European Journal of Cancer, submitted.

“Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer.” JAMA, submitted.

“Hemopure [HBOC-201, Hemoglobin Glutamer-250 (Bovine)]: Preclinical Studies.” In.: Winslow RM, ed. Blood Substitutes. London, UK: Elsevier Inc.; 424-436, 2006.

[Also: physician-authored articles on chemotherapy, brachiotherapy for prostate cancer, sinusitis, sinus surgery, and acne therapy, etc.]

Original Research Publications:

Martin GM, Turker MS, Ogburn EC, *Duffin KZ*: “Evidence for both structural genetic and epigenetic alterations associated with cellular aging in mammals”. Symposium on the Biology of Aging: Mortality and Immortality, International Institute for Advanced Studies, Kyoto, Japan, 1988.

Turker MS, *Duffin KZ*, Smith AC, et al: “Multidrug resistance phenotype associated with selection of an aminopterin-resistant dog kidney cell line”. Pharmacogenetics, 1:149-160, 1992.


1984-91:  NIH Graduate Research Fellowship, Dept. of Pathology, University of Washington (Seattle, WA).  Doctoral dissertation research, involving mechanisms of multiple drug resistance in cancer cells; also research on cellular senescence related to aging in mammals. 

1982-84:  UW Teaching Fellowship, Dept. of Biochemistry, University of Washington (Seattle, WA).  Teaching undergraduate biochemistry courses.  Volunteer tutoring of low-income and minority students.

1981-84:  NIH Graduate Research Fellowship, Dept. of Biochemistry, University of Washington (Seattle, WA).  Thesis research, on alcohol dehydrogenase gene system in yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

1974-78:  National Merit Foundation Scholarship, Harvard University (Cambridge, MA).

1973:  NSF Student Scientist Training Program Fellowship, Roswell Park Memorial Cancer Institute (Buffalo, NY).  Laboratory research on murine leukemia.